Time to level up!

Now that the twins are tottering into toddlerhood, it’s time we level up by bringing them further and for a longer period. Granted it’s only to Osaka and for less than a week, but hey, that’s still an approximately 50% increase in flight time and duration from our previous trip 😛. And this time, my aim is for the trip to actually be enjoyable rather than just endurable. But first, we’ll have to survive the overnight flight there…


We survived!

Just in case anyone was wondering, yes we survived our maiden overseas trip with the twins! And yes this post is super super duper duper late! I am already quite the procrastinator to begin with, and with 2 babies to nurse, feed, change and now, chase after, this post got put on the back burner till now. (Thankfully, I actually finished writing up this initial draft soon after we got back, while the memory was still relatively fresh, essential when mommy brain dictates that I all too often walk into the kitchen only to forget what it was I was supposed to do there 😮 ).

Anyhoo, yes, back to the trip. The trip deceptively started off on an optimistic note, when both babies fell asleep prior to boarding the plane. But peace lasted all of ten minutes, after which baby boy decided to wake up and scream the plane down, while the plane was taxiing. SInce he had to be strapped in his seat, there was no way to properly calm him down and everyone had to endure the ruckus until the seatbelt sign went off. (Apologies if you happened to be an unfortunate passenger on the same plane!) After which, it became a game of “pass the crying baby/babies to whoever can calm him/her down”, a game that we played all too often throughout the trip. Unless it was time for a feed, a duty which fell squarely on the shoulders of your truly since the babies totally refuse bottles. Continue reading

Travelling in diapers – TWINS edition!

So now that the twins have turned 6 months, we’re FINALLY travelling again! Woohoo! Although I’m not quite sure if I should be excited or terrified…

Truth be told, I didn’t think it would take this long to restart our overseas adventures; I had always assumed that when baby number 2 came along, we’ll be globetrotting as soon as my confinement was over. After all, we had brought our eldest overseas when he was 3 months old. Been there, done that, right? But when baby number 2 turned out to be babies numbers 2 AND 3, a spanner was thrown into the works. Not only are hubby and I now outnumbered by the kids, bringing twins around is a whole new ball game.

So after being undecided for the longest time as to whether the costs (2 x screaming babies that need to be changed, fed, put to sleep = little time left for anything else) outweighed the benefits (mommy DESPERATELY needs a break), we have decided to forge ahead and fly to Hong Kong for a short trip next week. At least it’s only a 4 hour plane ride. And we’ve been to Hong Kong before, so we won’t feel too cheated even if we don’t get to sightsee as much. Plus, we’ve rallied reinforcements (grandpa and grandma). Okay, I think i’m actually trying to convince myself that this will not turn out to be a total disaster. Guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers and wait and see how it turns out. Stay tuned!

doubtful twins

Are you sure about this Mommy?

Lessons from our twin adventure

Someone once told us that twins were “twice the work, half the sleep”. HA! It’s more like quadruple the work, a tenth the sleep. But despite the challenges, we’ve all survived mostly intact thus far (perhaps with the exception of my sanity, which sometimes feels like it’s hanging on by a hair’s breadth). So to commemorate the twins turning 3 months, here are 3 interesting insights I’ve discovered:

1. Twins are celebrities!

Please! No pictures!

Please! No pictures!

When we bring our twins out, we attract countless gawks and double takes. Not to mention countless comments of “twins!” or “双生!” or their dialect equivalents. At our neighborhood coffeeshop, they practically have a fan club that hovers over them whenever and wherever we park the stroller; we have been christened there as “the parents of THE TWINS”. There are also the paparazzi questions: “Twins?” (Yes) “Boys/girls”? (A boy and a girl, aka 龙鳳胎; which always makes all the aunties even more excited) “Identical?” (No. Maybe it’s the biologist in me, but it always amuses me when people ask this question after they have been told that they are a boy and a girl. Seriously, how is it possible that a boy and a girl be identical when they have different *ahem* ‘bits’??) Continue reading

Our rainbow journey


A rainbow we spotted a year back

“Rainbow Babies” is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds. Storm clouds may still hover but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy and hope.

I’ve not blogged for a long time. In my last entry, I was pregnant and hopeful, and anticipating the reveal of an additional member of our family. But my world soon collapsed when I discovered that at 20 weeks, I had a missed miscarriage. They say that a once you hit the second trimester, chances of miscarriage are astronomically low. But the problem is, low chance does not equal no chance, and someone still has to fall on the wrong side of the statistic. And this time, it was me. Continue reading

Disappointing Dome

As we travelled around Perth, we were quite surprised at the proliferation of Dome cafes all over, with nary a Starbucks or Coffee Bean in sight. Until I realized that Dome was a Perth establishment. (Always thought it’s a European thing, guess that’s the power of marketing!) So even though Dome is not a novelty, we still had to give it a try in its home ground. After all, the throngs of crowds that constantly occupy Dome should be an indication that the food/drinks served were pretty good, right? (Typical Singaporean attitude :P)

Keep calm & drink coffee! (Don't worry, it's just a babycino ;))

Mmmmm, cooofffffeeeee…

Wrong. I mean, the food and drinks at the Victoria Park outlet we visited for breakfast weren’t all bad, but we’ve definitely tasted better, whether in Perth or elsewhere. So while we were greeted by beautiful presentations (coffee art, anyone?),  their tastes didn’t live up to their looks: My cappuccino foam was too flat for my liking, and the bacon on the big breakfast was on the rubbery side while the mushrooms were rather bland. The pancake stack fared better, fluffy enough and served with a generous helping of mascarpone cheese and berries. And the little one could never go wrong with a babycino, especially when it came served with 2 marshmallow and a lavish sprinkling of cocoa powder. Continue reading


After a lethargic (codeword for lazy) month, followed by international tragedies in the headlines, I really needed to get my spirits up to blog again. And a trip to Albany was the perfect balm for my soul. After a more than 4-hours drive south of Perth (you know you’re approaching when you start to see animals grazing in lush green pastures), we emerged in this peaceful place with a charming small-town feel yet having enough touristy stuff to do to keep the little one happily occupied. So even when the rain hampered our full appreciation of the scenery, we still ended up spending a very enjoyable few days down south.


As mentioned earlier, we didn’t get to really see much of the natural elements, like the Gap or Natural Bridge or Blowholes since it was raining so much; I wasn’t keen on having nightmares of the little one falling over as he tried to navigate the slippery paths. However, the skies always miraculously cleared up in time when we visited the various attractions, which also turned out to be much more fun than we anticipated. Continue reading

A most uncomfortable flight!

Even before the diapered darling and I boarded the plane, I had known that our most recent flight would be a challenge, since it was:

  1. a red-eye flight
  2. on a budget airline
  3. where we got assigned the non-reclining seats right at the end

But what I didn’t count on was barely getting a wink of sleep at all throughout the 5 hour flight! Since it was an overnighter, I had assumed the ‘budget-ness’ of the flight would not have been an issue. After all, if we were sleeping through most of it, meals and entertainment would not have featured prominently anyway.

The first sign things were going downhill was when we were assigned the end seats which were non-reclinable. This meant that I had to sit up ramrod straight throughout the whole torturous process. In addition, being seated just in front of the washroom treated us to regular reverberations of toilet being flushed. Definitely not conducive for a good snooze! Continue reading

Clip-on fan

Toddler with wind-blown hair

Gotta love the wind in my hair!

Summer in Perth is officially over, but since I’m such a procrastinator, this post that was meant for weeks ago has finally emerged from the shadows. But better late than never right? 😛

Anyways, my clip-on fan has always been useful back home in sunny Singapore, but for summertime Perth, especially when it starts to hit insane temperatures, the clip-on fan serves to prevent melt-downs, both literally and figuratively (for son and therefore the mother as well). In fact, sometimes when we are out for a walk, and I see the little one enjoying the cool breeze courtesy of the fan, I’m tempted to turn it towards myself instead!

Continue reading

Dry climate, drier skin :(

One of the things I actually like about the weather Down Under, even in the midst of the crazy summer, is the fact that the air is rather dry, because this means that my face which tends to secrete sebum like an oil rig, is somewhat brought under control. That would be the vainpot in me talking. The mommy in me however, is not so thrilled by the arid conditions, because the diapered darling has really dry skin that falls on the other end of the oiliness spectrum  coupled with a sensitive condition.

Baby in monkey onesie

Who, me?

Even under the normal humid conditions of Singapore, I have to religiously apply moisturizer onto him twice a day (I’m not even so disciplined on my own skincare!); just one missed session or even a spot and the little one would be scratching up a storm. So imagine how it’s like over here in Perth, where humidity levels are less than half that back home. Yup, at certain times he resembles all too closely our primate cousins, scratching away non-stop. This leads to disastrous results as you may imagine, especially on his legs which seems to bear the brunt of it – splotches of skin scrubbed raw, sometimes to the point of bleeding, certainly not a pretty sight for the faint-hearted. Continue reading